Saturday, March 12, 2005

The Problems With Biology, Part I

Here I am, a college student at the University of Maryland. Still just an ickle freshie, but I've got time. I've thought about what I've wanted to do, but certain things just keep popping up. I've always had an interest in psychology and neurology, but biology itself has just always appealed to me.

The advent of blogs and the continued fall of MSM have made one idea stand out sharply from the rest. We have seen conservatives in the news getting their voices heard more and more. The media is finally being checked with their lies on politics. When we finish this, there's another step we can take.

Finally getting leftist ninnies to stop ruining biology and the life sciences.

"How can this be done?" You ask. "There's nothing inherently 'scientific' about the life sciences." There are even some of you saying "All life science is basically deriving from Darwin's theories and therefore bunk anyway." (I personally don't subscribe to THAT particular view, but there are some of you out there who do, and I accept that fact - will you ever hear a leftist say that?)

Without biology, medicine is basically dead in the water. Chemistry can only bring us so far in this field. We need to know how we work, what makes what tick, and how we can make it better. There is a fine line between chemistry and biology here, but it's there. We can look amongst our genes to find what makes us age, and how to stop it. There are so many benefits that the study of biology can bring to us, even for the hard-right religious types.

The topics of environmentalism and animal rights are hard to ignore. That's what people think of when they think of "Biology", and it's a good connection. However, what has occurred with these two branches of biology is absolutely shameful. How can one ignore animal rights' groups like PETA, and earth-first groups such as the [USA-brand terrorist] Earth Liberation Front? It's very difficult.

According to PETA's website, they were founded in 1980, in Norfolk, Virginia to persuade people "that animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment." It kinda seems like a noble goal, until you realize these people aren't proselytizing like a normal religion - they're litigating. If you don't do as they say, they will sue the pants off you. They claim 550 cosmetics companies have acquiesced to their demands. They abhor animal testing. These are a people who do not care how many humans die, as long as the animals are not harmed. Never mind the fact that humans are animals too.

However, there have been some improvements at PETA lately. Instead of hounding you with your "become a vegan/vegetarian you violent animal murderer" campaign, and have recently been caught showing the most ethical way to kill animals for food. Now, eating a whole lot of meat is indeed bad for you, but a strictly plants diet doesn't get you everything that you need. We need the four major organic familes (carbohydrates [sugars], lipids [fats], proteins, and nucleic acids), and plant life just doesn't get it done properly. While meat certainly should be limited (especially red meat), it can't really be ignored.

PETA is full of the lefties. They've taken the communist mantra "Everyone is equal", and turned it even FARTHER left, saying "Every ANIMAL is equal." I do have to note that PETA doesn't really distinguish between plants and fungi, which should be something that everyone who's taken a single biology course should know. At least they haven't gone and started campaigning for "Plants' Rights", "Fungal Rights", "Protist Rights", or "Prokaryotic Rights" - they still let us eat those. (Protista are especially delicious - gotta love the nori).

But I digress - as I was saying, they've taken the communist mantra even further. Not only was the first saying wrong, but this is even MORE so. The groups look at what the animals are, but not what they have done. It is a simple fact that only humans have ever learned calculus. Horses cannot do mathematics (no matter what you Clever Hans fans have to say). Kitties, while cute and adorable, cannot create medicines to increase their own lifespan. We can. Whether the animal rights organizations want to admit it or not, A) Humans are animals, and B) Humans are better than any animal that has ever lived. Though it is disputed, I'm also pretty sure that domestic animals do live longer than feral animals on the whole. (Any evidence on either side would be appreciated - I'm going from personal experience)

Then again, such a realization would lead to the creation of a "Human Rights" group. But hey, if they were as effective as getting out the message as the Animal Rights groups, we wouldn't need the United Nations - and for all the howling Dems out there reading that sentence, improved human rights would probably lessen the need for the use of force by the United States. Wouldn't everyone be happy with that scenario? Probably not, but hey - I tried.

The Conservatives can start by taking the AR groups message and applying it to humans. We could actually convince the UN to do something in Sudan (not "The" Sudan) that wouldn't make Michael Jackson proud. The spreading of democracy is a great first step, but the focus should eventually turn to "Improving Human Rights throughout the globe"

This could be the first step in making biology less scornful. Of course, this would require the less religious of the right to take a step forward. Biology should not be considered "Animal Rights" and "Earth First!" - it's so much more than that. Taking the luster off of AR groups would be an excellent first step to putting biology back on the road to being a serious science.